It’s All Over

My last month in London was a blur. I traveled to Scotland and hiked a monroe (it’s a mountain), I saw the Queen’s favorite weekend home (Windsor Castle), viewed the Roman Baths, and marveled at how the stones in Stonehenge got there.  I also had to do all my lasts in London which was hard, but I just had to tell myself that I would be back.

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London changed me and it made me realize that we are pretty little in this world.  Being in London I fell in love with the hustle bustle and the crowded streets and the idea that turning down a new street meant going on a little adventure. I am going to miss the little things like that. Now when I walk down the street it is amazing if I see two other people, but that is what you get for living in a town where the population is about the same size as Primark on a busy Saturday afternoon (Primark is a huge clothing store that sells clothes for a not outrageous amount).

Studying abroad was an extraordinary experience and it is one I would not trade for the world. I visited 7 countries and countless cities throughout Europe and the UK.  I met amazing people and made friends that will last a lifetime. If I had it my way I would of never left, but with a dwindling bank account, a ticket with a return date, and parents that were in great anticipation for my arrival home I had to pack my bags. Saying goodbye was hard not only to my flatmates who have put up with me for 5 months, my friends in the flat below me, but also to the city.  I did not want to walk past Big Ben for the last time or run to Costa and get a tea for the last time but I had to.

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So on a rainy Saturday morning I carried my bags down 3 flights of stairs  and left 98 Great Russell Street and headed on the tube to Heathrow.  My flatmate Katie said London was crying because we were leaving. I liked that because I wanted that so much to be true.  When I got to the airport I was set to board a Lufthansa flight, but after talking to three different people I realized I was headed home on an United flight who would of thought they worked so closely together, not me. I did not have to fly alone when I realized I was flying United I was flying with my flatmate Amanda. It was nice to have someone. On the 9 hour plane ride to Chicago I spent 1 hour sleeping, 6 hours watching the movie Cars which I now have memorized, and 2 hours journaling.

I got off the plane and Amanda and I contemplated trying to find the next flight back to London, but we figured with eager dads waiting we should accept the Midwest once again.  After a 3 hour drive home and driving  on what felt like to be the wrong side of the road I was back in Altona. My little hometown.  There is a big world outside of Altona with many adventures waiting to be taken and sites to be seen, but for now I have to find my own little adventures and sites here in Illinois.

This will be my last blog post for awhile, but this will not definitely not be my last adventure.  So stay tuned who knows where I will be next time.


  1. Your last blog almost made me cry. I missed you very much, but I saw how London made it’s way into your heart. You are such an independent young lady and I couldn’t be prouder of you.
    Love you, little boo…

  2. Your blog’s have let us keep tabs on you and were great to hear of your adventures too, Cherish the memories you have made and the friends along the way, no body can take your memories away from you, GLAD you had a GREAT time on your ADVENTURE!!!!!!Love ya, Aunt Mia, Uncle Red,Ellie and Bella!!!!

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