Hola Barcelona!

I have never done spring break before, so I figured might as well go big then.  My flatmates (Amanda, Julia and Katie plus our other friends Berto, Nikki, and Walter) and I hopped a plane to Barcelona for 4 days! When we boarded the plane I just curled up to the window and plugged my headphones in.  I did not sit by anyone I knew because we were all scattered across the plane.  When we landed when we had to wait in line for what seemed like hours to get our passports checked.  Then we had to figure out how to get to our apartment.  We ended up taking a bus and then a cab to the apartment.  When we walked into the flat we of course had to sort out the rooms, and I somehow got stuck with Amanda.  Our room was basically all bed, but we managed.  We all decided to go to the grocery store and grab some food because we were all starving.  Then we hit the beach! The water was pretty cold, but just having my feet in the sand was glorious.  We just all kind of goofed off and played around at the beach.  Katie and Berto decided to head back and make dinner, but Amanda, Nikki, and Walter and I decided to hang around the beach a little longer. We found a really cool jungle gym thing so of course we climbed to the top of that.  We went into a restaurant and got some sangria because what else do you drink on the beach in Barcelona.  We headed home and I just crashed because I was exhausted.

Barcelona 031        Barcelona 025


On Saturday we all slept in because I think we were all tired from yesterday.  We did a lot of walking.  Both we left we tried to map a route that we were going to take so we at least had a general idea of what we were going to do.  We started off our walking tour to La Sagrada Familia. It was magnificent even though it was under a little repair.  It was huge, and definitely a work of art.

Barcelona 042

It amazes me how they built buildings like that.  After we admired La Sagrada Familia we started walking again and we saw a large crowd beginning to form in this crowd, and being the nosy Americans we are we decided to go check it out and we saw the strangest thing.  People started climbing on top of each other.  I guess it is a common tradition to make a human tower in Spain.  They did it in a way of a flash mob.  It was very interesting and I would have been terrified if I would have had to be on the top of the tower, but those little girls handled it well.

Barcelona 055


We walked the streets making our way to one of the most famous streets in Barcelona La Rambla.  Walking through the streets was so nice because I had on a tank top and capris and I was hot which was fantastic.  I was ready for the sun.  We finally got to La Rambla and it was beautiful and busy which is what I expected.  La Rambla is known for pickpocketing so we all kept our belongings especially our phones very close to us. Luckily no one got anything stolen the whole trip which is a huge success in Barcelona! There were plenty of stands and stores lining the street and then ducked into a market that was buzzing with people.  We did not stay long there because it was so crowded and we were all starting to get hungry.  Amanda, Nikki, Walter, and I found a little Turkish restaurant where we all got something to eat.  I had a doner kebab.  Which is pita bread with kebab chicken, cabbage, and a garlic mayo sauce.  It was delicious, but I figured I should probably be eating some Spanish food eventually.  After we ate lunch we walked back to the apartment and we got to walk along the beach the whole time which was beautiful and very relaxing. Barcelona 061

The Spanish still take part in the tradition of the siesta which trust me I was not complaining about that, so we all decided we better do as the Spanish do.  By the time we woke up it was way past dinner time, so I just made a pizza really quick.  We all hung out in our flat and then Zack got us all on the guest list at a huge club right on the beach in Barcelona called Opium.  We all got ready and walked to club.  When we were going through the line the bouncers pulled out Walter and took him to the side.  We were all pushed forward into the club without Walter.  We waited downstairs for him for about 20 minutes and then came to the conclusion that he probably was not getting let in.  Katie, Berto, Julia, Zack, and I decided to leave and make sure Walter made it back, and because it was 3 in the morning and I was tired.  See I am now used to the British way of going out which ends around midnight, but in Spain you don’t even think about going out til 1am.   We got back and we had a note from Walter saying he got denied because of his shoes. Note to self don’t wear Toms to a club even though I think they are acceptable shoes, but what do I know if I had any say I would wear jeans, my Vans, and tee-shirt to everything.

On Sunday we all woke up late again because we had been out so late.  We figured it was a perfect day to go to the beach.  Amanda, Nikki, Walter, and I decided to head towards the beach, but we decided to grab lunch first.  We stopped at this little restaurant on the way to the beach and got paella.  It was delicious! I had seafood of course and it had prawns, calamari, calms, and mussels in it. It was delicious. I ate the whole thing and I have zero shame in admitting that.

Barcelona 070


After our lunch we hit the beach.  It felt so great to just lay on the beach and listen to everyone chatting and just relaxing.  I ended up falling asleep on the beach and when I woke up I was feeling a little red.  When we walked back to the apartment after being on the beach for 3 hours I looked in the mirror and I slightly resembled a tomato, but don’t worry everyone it will be a tan.  We just hung out because we were still tired.  Being in the sun always wears me out.  Since it was Sunday we just stayed in and decided we were going to wake up early and get a good start to the day on Monday.

Barcelona 071

On Monday, I woke up before everyone and decided to walk to a little park by our apartment.  It was nice to just spend a little time by myself and walk around in the morning before everyone is up and moving.  The park was beautiful and had a lot of really cool building. The one pictured below was my favorite.

Barcelona 078            Barcelona 091


When I got back to the flat we all decided to go to the famous Guell Park.  It was quite a long walk up there and it was uphill, but it was a beautiful day so it was nice to walk there.  When we got to the park we realized we had to pay to see the Gaudi exhibit and it was also a really long line so we decided to just skip that.  But we still walked all through the park.  On the sidewalks throughout the park there are little vendors that are selling little trinkets like bracelets and necklaces and little statues.  We were pretty tired and hot because it was quite the trek through the park, but the view was glorious.

Barcelona 106   Barcelona 107   Barcelona 117Barcelona 125

We left the park and Katie, Berto, and I decided we were going to do the cable car over the city so we hopped on the Metro and headed that way.  We stopped and got lunch first.  I got paella again and it was once again delicious.  But we realized how tricky the Spanish were.  The server said the paella was a minimum 2 people for 11.90 Euros which I thought was a still steal, but when the bill came it was 23.00 Euros so I was very confused.  I guess what they meant was each person paid 11.90 and since there was not another person I paid for two people.  I was pretty annoyed about it but there was nothing I could do.  We started walking towards the cable car thing and then we realized that was not actually where you pick up the cable car and it was going to cost even more money, so I decided not to go and I just walked back to the flat by myself.  When I was walking home I stumbled across Amanda, Nikki, and Walter eating so I just sat and talked to them and then we walked back.  We all hung out in the flat because we were exhausted from walking all day.

On the last day in Barcelona we woke up and cleaned the apartment and then got packed.  Amanda and Nikki left before anyone was even up because they had an early flight.  Katie, Julia, Berto, and I walked back to La Sagrada Familia and got some postcards.  Then I finally got some churros because I was a little worried that I was not going to get any before I left.

Barcelona 136


Then we made our way to the airport.  Walter had a really late flight so he just hung around the city and the beach for the day.  We took a cab to the airport which was nice and quick.  Our flight left on time and once again we all sat in different areas except everyone besides me was in the back of the plane.  When we landed I took a different bus back from the airport than everyone else.

As soon as I got home I booked a trip to Ireland in the next couple weeks, so get back from one trip just to plan another.  The struggles of studying abroad in Europe.  I am jetting off to Paris tomorrow with Laurelle and then we are meeting Kaleo so look for that post in a week or so.

Au revoir!!


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  1. I am loving all the historic buildings you are seeing. Next trip is to France! I can’t wait for you to meet Pam. You will love her. Well, I know you’re having fun and I suppose you’re being as careful as any 20 year old would be. Au revoir, boo! See you in Paris!!!!

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