Weekend Getaways

Sorry about the incredibly delayed response! I have been busy and well quite honestly a little lazy when it came to the blog.  I have been doing a lot though which seems like a great reason for why the blog is so late.

On March 8th API took us to Cambridge.  We all gathered on the bus and began on our way.  We were going to see the town, but most people know Cambridge because of the prestigious university that lies there. When we got to Cambridge I was expecting just one school which in my mind is quite normal.  Little did I know that Cambridge University was actually 31 colleges all under the university.  I felt smarter just being there.

Cambridge (13) Cambridge (14)


The town was beautiful and you would tell there was so much history there.  The university is over 805 years old! Makes the States look like a little baby.  We got a tour of the inside of the chapel which had the most intricate stained glass windows and an incredibly detailed ceiling.  I just kept thinking how someone had to take a tiny little hammer or whatever tools they use to carve things by hand. It must of taken hours upon hours.  They had a lot more patience than I ever would.

Cambridge (23) Cambridge (22)


After our tour of the town and the university we got another tour, but this one was a little different.  We went punting.  Not to be confused with kicking a football down a field.  Punting is where you sit on a gondola style boat and someone or yourself stands on the back and rows you down the river.  It was very peaceful and beautiful to see the city from the water.  I was very concerned for our punters head because some of the bridges were a little low and I did not want him to hit his head.  It was comical to watch the people who did not know how to punt attempt to punt down the river.  They hung around the edge a lot and occasionally we had a collision.

Cambridge (44)                              Cambridge (34)Cambridge (31)

After punting we were starving so we found the nearest pub and had iconic pub food.  I had bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes).  Then we just walked around the city.  There was a market and Kaleo, Mary, and I got Cambridge sweatshirts.  It is the most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever worn. It was a very good investment. We got back got from Cambridge and I was too tired to do anything so we just relaxed the rest of the night.

The next day we went to high tea at Fortnum & Mason.  If anyone knows me I am not one to willing wear a dress and I usually try to get it off as soon as possible.  Unfortunately when one goes to high tea you must dress up.  Now being from a small town I obviously have never been to high tea, so I knew this was going to be a learning experience.  It is very fancy in there and I felt a little out of place, but none the less Kaleo, Kelle, Mary, and I were directed to our table.  The table was perfectly set and the waiter even shook the napkin and placed it on our laps.  We all got our tea and then our little tier of goodness.

069 072 071


I got Wedding Breakfast Tea which was specially made for Will and Kate.  It seemed very royal.  It was very fun to just sit and talk to everyone while getting as much tea as we could like and endless supplies of scones and clotted cream.  After our tea we walked back and since it was such a beautiful day Kaleo and I went on a walk to Regent Park.  It is a gorgeous park and it was so fun to just walk around and not have to worry about anything.

Nothing too astounding happened this month.  I had a lot of work and a lot of school.  Since the semester is ending there are a lot of papers that are popping up, so I have been busy doing those.  I have been trying to go on nightly runs, but those don’t happen all the time either. I love running at night here because the city is so pretty at night. Unfortunately every time Kaleo and I go a run it seems we end up by Big Ben.  I think we have a gravitational pull towards him.  Don’t worry I never run alone at night so no one worry.  On my run the other day when we were running and thought we might get a chance to see Emma Watson, but no such luck.

Now most girls dream of being a princess and living in a castle.  That was never one of my dreams, but that does not mean it is not fun to go visit a castle.  Kaleo, Alanna, and I went to Warwick Castle on a random Tuesday when we did not have class.  I might of actually had class, but that is not important.  We took a train to Warwick and found the castle.  It was made into an attraction of sorts.  We got to into the castle and got to see all the rooms.  It would be crazy to live in a place like that, but some one did until 1978.  It was owned of the Earls of Warwick. We walked along the land surrounding the castle and then went into the city to get lunch.  We headed back to the castle and decided to climb up the towers.  Maybe not our best decision, but we did it anyway.  It was a small, dark, spiral staircase. I was not a fan of the arrangement and what seemed like a million stairs later we made it.

Warwick Castle (9) Warwick Castle (21) Warwick Castle (55) Warwick Castle (72) Warwick Castle (83)

At 7am on Saturday Kaleo, Mary, and I were on the tube headed to the coach station.  We were going to Dover to see the White Cliffs.  When we got to the town we were not sure exactly how to get to the cliffs, but we figured it could not be that hard.  We asked for some directions, and we did not follow them very well or they were bad directions. I am going with the latter.  We ended up walking along a highway for about a mile, but don’t worry we found the cliffs! We walked along the cliffs for about an hour and then came to the lighthouse.  We stopped and ate our lunches that we had packed previously.  The cliffs were great and I loved get out in the fresh air.

White Cliffs of Dover (17) White Cliffs of Dover (24) White Cliffs of Dover (28)


Sorry again for the delayed response, but as you can see I have been spending my time traveling all over England.  Tomorrow I am heading out to Barcelona with my flatmates! I can not wait to just sit on the beach and relax.




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  1. You have seen so much already and you still have so much time left. I am so glad you had the opportunity to do this. You’re seeing more than most people see in a lifetime.
    Love you, little boo!

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