A Whirlwind of a Weekend

So I figured I would just skip talking about my week, because it was the same as last week.  Classes are classes and internship is internship. Besides I did much more interesting things this weekend. I ventured out of the UK and ended up in Holland.  Friday morning I woke up and realized that I had not done anything to prepare to for my trip, but I have always been a last minute packer.  I mean I did wait until two days before I left for here to pack.  As the day progressed I got more and more excited for the trip.  I kept forgetting that I was going to be on a coach(bus) all night, and I was just hoping I could sleep.  Mary, Morgan, Kelle, Kaleo, and I started on our journey to Amsterdam.  When we got on the coach I quickly realized that I probably was not going to spend much time sleeping.  We got to the Eurotunnel, but since I do not do well in situations where I am supposed to go underground in a closed tube I was a little scared.  We made it through no problems.

We arrived in Amsterdam around 9:30am. It was rainy when I woke up and then I heard the tour guide say they could not find place we were planning on going to for breakfast.  With that we just decided to wander in a little cafe called the Pasta Bar, and I did not have pasta for breakfast.  Instead I had the healthy option of apple pie and tea. 006

We then made our way to the Anne Frank House, but we made a little detour to this little cheese shop that provided free samples, and sure was not complaining.  It had finally stopped raining and it was just cloudy which I am getting quite accustomed to because that’s how it always is here.  After we waited in line for what seemed like hours we got to the front.  We were not allowed to take pictures which was slightly unfortunate.  They had pictures and quotes all over the walls, and they had videos playing that told stories of what they lived through.  We got see to how they lived and I just kept thinking how they could possible of been able to go through that.  In one of the last rooms they had Anne Frank’s diary and it was amazing. Her handwriting was superb much better than mine.



After the Anne Frank House hunger had started to set in with the group, so we began navigating our way through the canals trying to find a cafe.


We ended up a little cafe where I just had a turkey club sandwich, but I was so hungry that it did not matter.  After I finished the sandwich I realized I could of easily had another one.  Their portions are definitely smaller over here I guess I need to start adjusting to that. After lunch we walked around and ended up in the flower market which of course had lots of flowers more bulbs and seeds, but my favorite part was the 4 or 5 cheese shops they had.  In every shop we walked into they provided us with samples of many different kinds of cheese.  My favorite was pesto which looked a little odd given the fact that it was green, but it was delicious! I wanted to eat the whole plate at every shop, but I resisted since I figured that probably would not be acceptable.



We started making our way to the train station, so we could head to our 4-star hotel (not mad about that). We were very confused on how to get on the tram, so we asked the man at the information desk who seemed to be very annoyed that I was even asking him a question. People over here are very rude. The tram ride was kind of nice because we got to sit and enjoy look at the city.

We were so tired that we decided to just stay in and order room service and call it a night. The alarm came way too early Sunday morning. We went to a clog and cheese farm and learned how both were made.  The cheese farm made gouda that could be kept for ten years if you did not cut open the wax seal.  They were little wheels of cheese that of course I had to get one because well I have really always wanted a wheel cheese.  The clogs were all painted differently and they all meant or represented different things. We got back on the coach and took a 3 hour bus ride to Bruges, Belgium.



When one goes to Belgium a couple things come to mind. 1. Waffles 2. Chocolate. Trust me we covered both of those bases.  First we stopped and got a lunch of sorts it was very small. Then we were on a journey to find what cafe had the best waffle. When we found one there were many different toppings you could put on them, but I already knew what I wanted. I got strawberries, butterscotch (closest thing to caramel), and whipped cream. It was great and also something I could of had another of. We then walked into multiple different chocolate shops.  Kelsey don’t worry I got you some chocolate. We then made our way back to the bus for an on and off again ride of 8 more hours.

Amsterdam was fun, but if I could never be on a bus for longer than 2 hours I would be a happy person.


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